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Post by Escobar on Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:34 pm

For the players that were a part of the server know why the community closed, but now the good news for you is that we're re-opening again. We will be using the beta script which i have developed a few months ago. The gamemode as many of you may know it's a multimode [Freeroam/Roleplay]. The gamemode basically will be based just on one city, Las Venturas. But no need to be discouraged by this information, we will expand to other cities too as soon as we get a good playerbase. The gamemode is now on it's 1.3.5 version, which is the latest one. With this version we will officially open and update throught our journey. The updates will come monthly based on what's best for the steadily community development, i will personally take care of the gamemode.

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