Ban Appeals - Format [READ]

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Ban Appeals - Format [READ]

Post by Escobar on Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:22 pm

If you think that you've been unrightfully banned from our community, please follow our steps in order to get you unbanned.

NOTE: If you were caught using any kind of 3rd party tools, don't try to make an unban appeal, unless you think the administrator has made a mistake.


Your IG name: Escobar
Time of your ban: Today at 15:30PM
Which administrator banned you?[optional]: Tyrone.
What lead to this?: I was driving my car around, and then Tyrone teleported to me, he told me i use hacks and he banned me.
Was the administrators choice right?: I don't think it was right, he shouldn't have banned me without discussing it.
Screenshots or witnesses: //Any screenshot that you could prove your innocence//
Additional Information: Tyrone is a sweetheart.


[b]Your IG name:[/b]
[b]Time of your ban:[/b]
[b]Which administrator banned you?[optional]:[/b]
[b]What lead to this?:[/b]
[b]Was the administrators choice right?:[/b]
[b]Screenshots or witnesses:[/b]
[b]Additional Information:[/b]

Do not reply on this topic if you're not mentioned.
Do not post multiple threads about the same appeal.
When making an unban appeal, please include all informations.
The admin has 48 hours to reply to the topic if he is included.
Once you have made the thread, don't bump it.
If the witnesses are caught lying in order to help the acussed player, both player and the witnesses will get harsh punishment, depending on the severity.

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