Bug Report - Format [READ]

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Bug Report - Format [READ]

Post by Escobar on Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:26 pm

As every other script, the development team, in this case me, we try very hard to keep the script bug free throught the development. Please, if you face any serious bug that prevents pleasure while playing, we urge you to report the issue with the format below, copy and pase the code and make a new topic.

NOTE: If you do not follow the format given below, your report will be deleted and you could get a punishment.


Name of the bug: Invisible checkpoints.
Description of the bug: Sometimes when i'm working the checkpoints seem to dissapear.
When did the bug occur?: When i was on my third pizza delivery.
Screenshots: //Image here//
Additional Information:


[b]Name of the bug[/b]:
[b]Description of the bug[/b]:
[b]When did the bug occur?[/b]:
[b]Additional Information[/b]:

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