Reporting a member - Format

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Reporting a member - Format

Post by Escobar on Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:33 pm

If you've seen or witnessed a rule breaker, you should report it here, with the format below.

Your IG name: Escobar
The players name: Tyrone
What rule did he/they broke?: DM
Describe what happened: I was driving around Los Santos and Tyrone started shooting me without any reason, and killed me.
Screenshots: //Screenshots or witnesses//
Additional Information: Tyrone is a good man.


[b]Your IG name:[/b]
[b]The players name:[/b]
[b]What rule did he/they broke?:[/b]
[b]Describe what happened:[/b]
[b]Additional Information[/b]

Do not reply on this topic if you're not mentioned.
Do not make multiple threads about the same report.
Fill the report with as many details as you can.
The reported members have 48 hours to reply to the report, if there's no reply, the reported member will be punished acording to the rule broken, no matter if he is guilty or innocent
If the witnesses are caught lying, they will receive a harsh punishment, depending on the severity.

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